Is your family at risk of separation or has DCS removed your children from your home? Although your situation seems insurmountable, there is hope. There are steps you can take to protect your rights and reunify with your children. We can support you through this difficult time and guide you in overcoming this obstacle. In addition to unmatched emotional support, we can help you close your DCS case successfully with the following services.

Legal Referral: Encourages seeking legal advice from an attorney experienced in family law. Understanding your rights and the legal processes is crucial.

Documentation: Help organize and maintain detailed records related to the case, including communication with DCS, court appearances, and any relevant documentation regarding parenting abilities.

Compliance with Court Orders: Emphasizes importance of complying with court orders and recommendations from DCS. This demonstrates a commitment to meeting the necessary criteria for maintaining parental rights.

Participation in Services: Encourage active participation in any required parenting classes, counseling, or treatment programs. Demonstrating a willingness to address concerns and improve parenting skills is beneficial. We’ll also help you meet those expectations in any way we can.

Communicate with DCS: Advise open and respectful communication with caseworkers. Regularly updating DCS on progress and expressing a clients commitment to the child’s well-being can tremendously impact the case.

Character References: Help gathering character references from individuals who can attest to your parenting abilities and commitment to the child’s welfare.

Advocacy: Support through advocacy throughout case, during court hearings and completing case requirements. We encourage effective communication of efforts and improvements to the court on your behalf.

Remember, each case is unique, seeking guidance from legal professionals is crucial to navigating DCS case complexities.